About Us

The Institute of Forestry, Hetauda Campus (IOF-HC) is the first and only institute in Nepal to commit itself to education and training in Forestry and Natural Resource Management. Coming into existence as Nepal Forestry Institute at Singh Durbar, Kathmandu in 1947 under the department of Forest.
It moved to Supping (Bhim Phedi) in 1957 and again to Hetauda in 1965 for better physical facilities established by the Indian Co-operation Mission (ICM). The institute merged into the Tribhuvan University in July 1972 and got a new name “Institute of Forestry”. It offered a two –year certificate level courses in Forestry only in Hetauda since 1981. The campus was developed with technical and financial assistance from the World Bank, International Development Agency (ICA), and the United States Agency for International Development (USAID). In order to meet the growing demands of trained natural resource managers in the country. Institute of Forestry (IOF)/Hetauda Campus has systematically managed its Bachelor and Master Degree in Forestry for quality in the academic sector.